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File Manager Why Can't I…

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Help / File Manager Why Can't I... - 20 Jun 2013 15:03

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This document lists the most common impasses related to file handling. If your issue isn't listed, you could try reviewing the File Manager's How Do I... to see if there is another way to achieve what you are trying to do, or look through See and Do to see what is possible. Alternatively, the manual explains how various features work, which might shed some light. Failing that have a look on the website, or get in touch...

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1 Why Can't I...

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...Rename My File/Folder?

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There are a number of reasons why a new name for the file/folder is rejected. The current reasons are listed just under the preview of the file/folder at the top of the file details listing.

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...Include Symbols In My Filename?

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Although iOS accepts most character in filenames (except ‘/’), ProseEdit restricts the range to exclude symbols which are likely to cause issues when transferring the files to other file systems [manual].

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...Email A Folder?

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The iPhone's email doesn't support folders as attachments, so ProseEdit ignores selected folders when 〔Email〕is tapped.

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...Zip A Folder Or File?

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ProseEdit currently doesn't support zip - sorry. It's high on the list of features to be added though.

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...Edit A Document In Trash?

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Files in the Trash folder can be deleted permanently at any time, so the Editor limits them to read-only. Move the document out of Trash to be able to edit it normally.

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...Edit An Archived File?

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The idea behind archiving is to create permanent reference copies of a document. Being able to edit an archived file therefore could risk confusion by ending up with 2 different versions of the same archived file.

To avoid this risk, the editor will only open archived files as read-only. If you want to continue working on an archived file you can ‘reinstate’ it [how], or move/copy it out of the Archive folder and delete its comment by hand.

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...Copy Files Via iTunes?

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Although filenames in iOS are case sensitive (so ‘Report.prose.html’ is not the same as ‘report.prose.html’), the file handling in iTunes are case insensitive, which can cause issues in transferring files whose names only differ in case.

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...Set A Default Resource To Be Empty?

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The default resource settings expect a document to be specified. If you want a default of nothing, create an ‘empty’ document and set that as the default resource. Note that a truly empty document may cause warnings to be issued, so your stub document may need to have a few dummy entries.

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This is a ProseEdit Help File. You can edit as desired to add notes. If you delete the file, it will be replaced the next time ProseEdit starts up.